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Sometimes a wife needs to take matters into her own hands and show her husband who is boss ! Wife Spanking Husband is nothing but women spanking men.

Bad Husbands Be Warned - Behave Or Get Spanked!

Wife Spanking Husband's Latest Spanking : Helen Spanks Nagging Husband
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Helen had been working all day in the kitchen and all she wanted to do was finish up the dishes and go to bed. Her husband had other ideas though and came out to nag her to make him a sandwich. He should have known better than to treat his wife like his maid!

Helen spared no time in bending her husband over the kitchen counter, pulling down his underwear to show off his bare bottom and showing him just how hard a woman can spank a man ! See the whole husband spanking..


Susan Spanks Her Husband - But He Loves It
wife spanking husband
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Susan always knew that her husband was a bit submissive. Even though he was big and tough looking she knew that he secretly got off by reading femdom stories on the internet. One day she caught him reading a story about a woman spanking a man and decided if was time that she did what any wife that loves her husband would and spank his male ass as hard as she could! See the whole husband spanking..


Tammy And Her Girlfriend Deliver A Punishment Spanking To Her Husband

Tammy's no-good husband is drunk again and it is only noon! She just got back from a class at her university and brought her friend home with her only to be humiliated by the bum of a husband that she married. There was nothing else for her to do but wake him up and ask her friend to help punish this sorry excuse for a man with a hard spanking.. See the whole husband spanking..


Young Wife Spanks Her Skater Husband With His Skateboard

Donna and Mike have only just gotten married and Donna is finding out fast that Mike is a lazy husband that is refusing to grow up. Instead of going out finding a job he goes out skateboarding all day and then comes home and demands sex. Donna decided she better put him in his place before things got too much out of control and bent him over and spanked her husband hard with his own skateboard!. See the whole husband spanking..

These wives rule the roost and any man that disagrees will get the spanking of his life!

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